This is an impromptu blog post from Ernie. When I started going to conventions in 2007, I never expected it to take it this far. Sure, I haven’t had the “success” that I hoped for but still didn’t expect it to take me on this journey of finding myself and meeting some fantastic people. Some of them I still talk to this day, I haven’t been in constant contact but still know who I am and still think of me. I’m thankful for those people who have been loyal to The Fan’s POV and continued to be our inspiration whether it’s small & minute or big & impactful. I wanted to take this time and since Thanksgiving is this Thursday to express my thanks and my gratitude to those who haven’t really felt it nor experience it.

(TL:DR – THANK YOU, most important one is at the bottom)

First off, I have to thank my Executive Producer Krissy for sticking with me this whole time. I didn’t think a meeting at Roosevelt Field mall with my high school best friend’s new “gang” would lead to a lasting relationship. She was one of the first people I told about my move to Virginia, when I got a new job with Discovery Communications. When I asked her to “take over” in early 2011 as executive producer, I could tell that she was a little reluctant to take it. However, she accepted and she’s growing into her role quite nicely. She’s been expanding her skillset to inlcude more photography and dabbled into videography to which I’m very proud of her doing. It’s been a roller coaster ride and i’m glad she’s on it.

Secondly, I want to thank our “pack mule” Ricardo who has been nothing but an underrated hard-worker who lacked direction when I first him. However when he joined the crew, he’s been nothing but helpful & hard-working. He’s been a presence with our social media and helped out tremendously with the Best of 2015 awards. He’s introduced us to different cosplayers in the past two years and we have made some amazing friends with them. His work often goes unnoticed, mostly by us. He should be recognized as someone who is passionate & dedicated to taking The Fan’s POV to another level. He brought in our West Coast Reporter, Juan, and we can’t wait to see new things from him in 2016.

Thirdly, I want to thank Chris D’Onofrio and Jon Ingoglia for getting me into this convention scene. I have known Chris D’Onofrio aka Pirate Chris for almost 20 years now. I met Jon in 2000, but haven’t really gotten to be friends until the summer of 2001. They told me about this convention called I-Con in 2006 and how much fun they had with it. In 2007, I decided to give it a shot and haven’t looked back since. They have stuck by me this entire time and are the constant source of jokes especially with Chris’s huge nose and Jon’s Canadian citizenship. I haven’t express how much they really do mean to me and it was really tough for me to tell them that I was moving to Virginia. I miss hanging out with them often, but we are in constant contact. Jon was my very first cameraman at I-Con and Chris was one of the first cosplayers that I interviewed. They helped out tremendously and still do to this day. Also, if you Pirate Chris make sure you scream out “JJJAAAMMMMIIIICCCAAAA”, he hates that.

Next, I want to thank our “past” members of The Fan’s POV. Although they aren’t really “past” members, they still help out as much as they can. Some do, some move onto other things. However, they haven’t been forgotten. I’m sorry that I didn’t express how much you helped me and The Fan’s POV out. I want to thank you for that and I’m sorry that I didn’t express that as much as I wanted to. You deserve to be recognized for the hard work that you contributed to it.

Thank You John O’Dell, Catherine Reilly, Danielle Choy, Leigh Goody, Brendon Jolley, Ken Chow, Rob Stroh, Jiyoon Kim, Gina Giannetti, Sam Seiver, Dustin Rhodes, Matt Kramer, Jeremy Graves, Shannon D’Onofrio, Steven D’Onofrio, Chris Chin, Allen Long, Michael McDonagh, Nikki Marie, Mark Szarek, Nina Lin, Vikki McGuniness, Chrystal Vitale, Matthew Livieri, Michael Montana, and many others that I’m definitely forgetting. You were all an integral part of The Fan’s POV.

Next up, I want to thank all the people that I have met via the convention circuit. Those people that I have generated friendships with and to those who join us now on the show. It’s been a great community that invite anyone and everyone in. I did a photographer’s promo at Akaicon for MAGE TV in August and I said that community is very welcoming and never thought a kid from Long Island who was visibly an outcast as a child/teen found a group of friends in the con community. I thank you for thinking of me as a friend and as someone who actually want to associate with. This is going to be a long list of thanks.

Thank You
– Dustin Rhodes and Marphos Shesho for being the first two people I met via the convention circuit
– Jack Hathaway from “Cosplay Memories” for being one of the nicest, coolest, and most underrated cosplay photographer out there
– Brian Sapinski formerly known as “Sonicwhammy” who I made a special bond with over game shows
– Lisa LCHime Young for being one of our first “fans” and connected through wrestling
– RJ Para & Youkuro Kevin for also being one of our first fans and being my filipino brothers from two different mothers.
– Kenneth Pingad who I met at Anime Central 2009 and still recognized me at Katsucon 2015
– Dokudel that I recently reconnected with after meeting her in 2007 in an interview
– Bluucircles who I unknowingly interviewed at New York Anime Festival 2008 and now I hang out with at least every Christmas
– Uncle Yo for being the first interview as a press organization at New York Anime Festival 2007
– Richard Baldovin aka Trifocal Productions for taking a chance on me with I-Con.
– Peter Tatara for giving The Fan’s POV a chance to be a press organization at the first New York Anime Festival 2007.
– THE AKAICON CREW! Thank you for inviting one of our staff to your convention that lead to meeting amazing people such as Devin, Tina, Shelly, HARSH! (We love him)
– #PHEAUTEAUXBREAUX CREW! Thank you for a chance meeting in the lobby in Nashville and being part of the photographers photo. Can’t wait to see you again, Come to East Coast!
– All the people I met via the CENTRAL PARK COSPLAY DAY SHOOT. You have no idea how much that meant to me and how many connections I made that day. TEoSB (Julia), GEEKED PHOTOS (Eli), Fedora Fotos (Ed), Cosplaying Galaga, Ashley Uncanny, Luasuicide, and many others that I can’t remember for some reason. It was an amazing day and I want to do it again!
– Lostdreamz82, Chibitoon, Ace, Lando, & Colleen. Thank you for being awesome cosplayers and Krissy was a genuine fan of your work before we became friends. Thank you for letting us film you & do crazy stuff like go to a drag show in New York City for a 30th birthday party. It was a blast!
– Caram3llo Cosplay, NPC Cosplay, Team Ashen, and Fairwind Cosplay. Thank you for contacting me via Instagram or email and scheduling shoots at conventions. I had a blast with you guys and i’m glad to you my friends, at least on Facebook.
– KATSUCON GAZEBO for letting us being one of the first people to let us photograph it, but for some reason it came out blurry.
– Shut Up Kristen, Koristarfire, & ShazuHime for being awesome! Kristen, thanks for accepting the nomination for Best of 2014 YouTube Channel and following me on Snapchat. Kori & ShazuHime, thank you for a chance meeting as part of Mangosirene’s Disney cosplay group at Katsucon 2014 and now we are friends on Facebook, well i’m friends with Kori and not ShazuHime but let’s be facebook friends!
– Charles Mission, Anime Jam Session, ClubJimay, Will Photograph For Food, Wallgazer, Mark Pariani, and HSL Photography for being cool videographers/photographers in a cutthroat community.

My final thank you is the most important one and that is to the FANS! You are what drives the show and you make significant impact on our show. Our motto is “For The Fans, By The Fans” and we truly live by that motto. Sometimes the show strays in different directions and it’s hard to follow, that’s because we want to give a complete rundown of the convention and everything about it. There are some reviews out there that are 5-10 minutes long, but only goes through the basics. We give our opinion and don’t hold back. No matter how harsh it is. It may not make us popular, but as long as our loyal fans as happy and satisfied with the product, it doesn’t matter. I personally want to thank you for being loyal to us and knowing that we can do incredible things. I don’t know if the show garnered your respect or how much credibility you give it. One thing is for sure is that we don’t forget about the people who got here in the first place and that’s our fans.