Tis the season so it’s my turn. Being all that we’ve been through lately, I guess this would be a good time for myself. My life isn’t perfect but it has some great points.

First a thank you to our boss, editor, camera specialist, and resident Filipino; Ernie Layug. Ernie showed me a new way to see conventions & life and gave me my new love of photography, directing, traveling, and being the boss. He has come to be one of the friends I trust most and have come to rely on. He has more faith in my skills then I do & pushed me into the position I have today. May the fun adventures continue.

Next I want to thank my college friends that I made 12 years ago at Nassau Community College Sci-Fi & Fantasy club; “Pirate” Christopher D’Onofrio, “Prez” Tom Molina, “J Steve” Wallace, & Elizabeth “Sparkles” Preston. These are the friends I wish I had had growing up. With this little group I found my place, where I belong and where I feel comfortable. I could be myself, be happy, and be confident. And these were my companions to my first convention ever. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.

A big important thank you to my childhood friends Tracy McKasty and Crystal Jording. Thanks to these two ladies I made it through High School as a weird nerd. They taught me to be me and not care what others think. We may not be as close as we had been but I still cherish our almost weekly train rides to NYC and Massapequa Park Mall; our first tastes of freedom and adulthood.

Thank you to my family. Even though my interests, hobbies and style weren’t “normal & stereotypical,” they never forced me to be someone I wasn’t. And when they finally accepted and embraced the nerd that I was, they joked and laughed along side my friends and me.

Another thank you, to my “con family;” friends that I have made through the convention circuit. They are the ones that bring me back each year to some cons; each with their special personalities and fun memories together.
-Dustin Rhodes & Marphos: The firsts con friends I ever made. I am so glad for those chance encounters and that we continue to be friends.
-Emerald Rose- Brian, Arthur, Larry & Clyde: They introduced me to a whole new genre of music and gave me an excuse to travel outside my comfort zone which got me addicted to road tripping.
-Chrissy, Katie, & Candice: I finally have some more female nerd friends. Friends that I can fangirl with and help me bring out my feminine side. I hope to have more fun times together.
-Devin Adkins, Tina Moore, Harsh Pandya, The PHEAUTEAUXBREAUX, & the Akaicon: They welcomed us into their little family with open arms and always make us feel welcome.

Lastly I want to thank you the fans. You make this show what it is. We never thought it would go so long or be so well received. That’s all because of you. We appreciate every time you come up to us and say hi, thank us for covering a convention or filming a cmv. You are the reason we go out there traveling, attending new conventions, meet new people, and film everything we see. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have the motivation or the drive.