Valentine’s Day 2016 was not a weekend filled with love & romance, but also brutal beatings & vicious violence. I’m talking about “Deadpool”, the highly anticipated film starring Ryan Reynolds. Now to be clear, this is not a review of the movie, but more of a fan experience watching the movie which includes trailers and the pre-show. I watched the movie twice with the first time in a regular movie theater with a couple of co-workers and the second time at the Alamo Drafthouse. That’s the experience I want to talk about & I’m sure that lots of people want to hear about as well.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a Texas-based movie franchise that basically breaks the rules of a “normal” movie theater. Their pre-show is not your normal pre-show from Regal Cinemas or National Amusements. It’s more along the lines of YouTube clips stringed together to create a fun experience before the movie begins. Here’s a sample of clips that they showed before hand.

Levis 501 Button Fly Jeans Rob Liefeid Commercial

Shogun Assassin

Deadpool Anime

Chimichanga Song! What’s an omnivore? Herbivore? Carnivore? Insectivore?

It’s a fun atmosphere before the movie begins, along with the fact that they serve you food during the movie. Plus also they have a draft room where you can get a sample of the local beers. The atmosphere definitely relaxed the crowd and made them enjoy the movie much more.

When the movie begins, you are greeted with videos of how to order food and to be quiet in the movie theater. They sort of have a PSA of the rules & guidelines of the theater. Most of the time people follow them, but there’s always those few sour apples who don’t listen.

The first time I saw Deadpool, the movie theater played EIGHT trailers! Yes, EIGHT Trailers before the movie began. At the Alamo Drafthouse, they only played two and then straight to the movie. As far as the movie goes, you need to see it for not only the action, but also the comedy & romance & the music. The music was the best part of the movie, I’m a huge 80s/90s music fan and I loved it!

Overall, my experience with Deadpool was awesome and the movie theater made it that much better. It definitely elevated it.