Today’s Watching Wednesday is a relatively new Indie title available for PC, called A Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall.

Mae, an only child, has returned home to Possum Springs, where times have changed since the closing of its coal mines. Now living in her parents’ attic, she uncovers a dark mystery that leads her into the nearby woods, forcing her to confront a horrible secret the town has hidden for decades, involving not only the town’s mine, but also the recent disappearance of her longtime friend Casey. Mae’s friends also include Bea, a cigarette-smoking alligator and Mae’s childhood friend; Mae’s best friend Gregg, a hyperactive fox; and his boyfriend, a bear named Angus

With a very simple animation style, and a very quaint soundtrack, this series dives into disorders, perceptions, and what is real and what isn’t.

Using a different and unique gameplay approach, this title has grown a following very rapidly.

It may take multiple playthroughs to get the full story, but it is very much worth it!