Today’s Watching Wednesday is a bit weird as a recommendation.

Almost everyone is aware of how fun and weird Earthbound was for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but most aren’t aware that it was only the second in the Mother series. Brought to us by HAL Laboratories April 20 2006 on the Gameboy Advance, and features perhaps the strongest story I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a very long time.

Mother 3 is broken up in 8 chapters, including a prologue, that circles around a small family in Tazmily Village, Flint, Hinawa, their dog Boney and the twins Lucas and Claus. A normal day happens when we are introduced to the loving family as Hinawa and the twins head towards their Grandfather Alec’s home in the woods.

However, looming in the skies, a unknown flying object flies in the air, and changes the lives of the small family, and the rest of the world.

If you’ve played Earthbound, you can expect the same humor and amazing environments.
However, the battle system is different from the last two titles, focusing on a rhythm based attack system, where you press the button to the beat of the battle theme.

Pushing the limits of the GBA, from amazing music, to amazing visuals.
Adding the best characters you’ll meet in a small packaged game.
However, this amazing title was only released in Japan.

There is an unofficial fan translation circling the internet, but we recommend supporting the series and continue to petition Nintendo to release a English translation so everyone can enjoy this amazing game!