“It’s funny how the music put times in perspective
Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it
Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking and we can get far
Wherever you are.”

Luv (Sic) Part 3 opens with Shing02’s unique style and flow, while Nujabes’ funky and calming beat overwhelms your ears and brings you to what could be possibly the artist’s most powerful and important album ever.

Today’s Watching Wednesday is about remembering the late famed producer Seba Jun, also know as Nujabes.
The album that everyone needs to listen to is Modal Soul, his debut album.

With a style that can be described as a hip-hop with a dash of jazz, Nujabes brings 15 tracks, each with a unique message about life, when it gets tough and when it gets better.

From Ordinary Joe, to Thank You, each artist is featured is an experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Add Seba’s titular flute and you essentially an album that is perfect to listen to from sunrise to sundown.

If you are a fan of Samurai Champloo’s soundtrack, take a listen to Modal Soul as soon as you can, and become part of Nujabes’ dream of peace.

Rest in Peace Seba Jun, we at The Fan’s P.O.V. still miss you.