Today’s Watching Wednesday is dedicated to Ron Glass, who portrayed the spiritual support of today’s film choice as Shepard Book.

Serenity follows the wildly popular series Firefly, a space western akin to Cowboy Bebop.

Set after the series last episode, we join our colorful cast of characters, Nathan Fillion as the dashing yet unpredictable Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Gina Torres as the faithful and often voice of reason co-pilot Zoe, Adam Baldwin as the muscle Jayne, Jewel Straite as the lovable and hormonally charged mechanic Kaylee, Sean Maher and Summer Glau as Simon and River Tau, siblings with a dark secret.

The government Alliance beings their relentless pursuit of the small Firefly class ship to hunt these mysterious siblings down, as the crew uncovers a dark secret that was hidden away, and River’s source of torment.

A wild ride from beginning to end, filled with intense action and great comedy, a film that can only be brought to us by the amazing Joss Whedon.

If you’re an old fan of Firefly, or a fan of story about a couple of misfits,then do yourself a favor and watch this fantastic film. Once you finished, make sure to go back and watch Firefly while you’re at it!