We live in a world of imperfections, flawed.

What happens when those imperfections aren’t imperfect, but something amazing?

Today’s Watching Wednesday is Chocolate. A tough and intense martial arts film released in 2008, about a girl’s love for her mother and how what we normally see as damaged is anything but.

Zen is a young girl with autism, who is raised by her mother and childhood friend. When Zen’s mother is diagnosed with cancer, Zen’s reaction is to find the money for her mother’s treatment using a book with names of people who owe money, not knowing her mother’s dark past.

This is where Chocolate shines, because it doesn’t show autism as a form of disability, but rather a different perspective of how the world is seen.

Zen mimics what she sees, from learning how to catch a ball, to watching martial arts films and learning the moves.

A fantastic martial arts film with a solid story, great choreographed fight scenes, and a message about what the world thinks as “imperfect”, this is definitely a must watch for today’s choice!