Hope you guys got your nostalgia helmets on because today’s Watching Wednesday is an all time classic animated film: FernGully:The Last Rainforest!

Released in 1992, with a star studded cast including Christopher Lloyd as perhaps the scariest villain around, Hexxus!

Crysta is a fairy with a curious nature living in FernGully, a pristine rainforest free from human intervention. The fairies of FernGully once lived in harmony with humans, but, believe them to have gone extinct after being driven away by a malevolent spirit named Hexxus. Crysta is the apprentice of Magi, a motherly-figure fairy who imprisoned Hexxus in a tree. One day Crysta explores a new part of the forest and meets Batty, a bat who claims to have been experimented on by humans, giving him an unstable personality. She refuses to believe him until she encounters lumberjacks cutting down trees. She sees Zak, a young human whom Crysta accidentally shrinks when she tries to save him from being crushed by a falling tree, though does not know how to restore him to normal size.

This film is both a story about accepting others regardless of where they came from, and a cautionary tale about ensuring that we do our part to make this earth of ours beautiful and amazing for the following generations to come.

What is your favorite part of the film? Let us know in the comments!