Today’s Watching Wednesday is a quick sort of spoiler free review of this year’s highly anticipated comic book film, Logan!

Very loosely influenced off of the Old Man Logan graphic novel, and a direct sequels to the past X-Men films, this R-Rated film definitely is a fantastic way to end the Wolverine story.

Years have passed by since Days of Future Past event, leaving us an old, tired, and internally defeated Logan, taking care of an equally old Professor Xavier.

When a group of government agents suddenly appear, looking for a little girl who is linked to Logan’s fate.

Without spoiling it too much, the first time you meet Laura, or X-23 for you comic book fans, is honestly the best introduction of a new character that the X-Men films have had in a very long time.

Since this film is rated R, you can expect Logan and Laura rage in the way that everyone wished they would.

I would definitely recommend leaving the kids home for this one, as this film was violent and intense from beginning to end.

Just as intense as the action is, the scenes between an ailing Charles and Logan are heartbreaking, as you see moments of two men who think of each other as family, and the interactions between Laura, Charles and Logan are simply my favorite moments entirely.

What makes me enjoy this film, is that it focuses less on the action, and more showing that these people are simply done with fighting, and want to live out their lives as normal people.

If you are honestly a fan of both Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart’s acting, and a comic book fan, or hell, even a fan of films in general, you will definitely love this film from beginning to end.

Adding in a note of warning, there isn’t a post credit scene, so don’t worry about leaving once the credits start rolling in.