Today’s Watching Wednesday is a little different, in that rather than talk about the film itself, and that we would recommend it.

This week however, we talk about Logan, and what expectations we have before watching it.

Me being a comic book fan of the X-Men, for quite a bit of time, I can say that I was both excited and disappointed at the X-Men films for the last decade.

With the announcement and release of Logan, influenced off of the graphic novel Old Man Logan series, I can say that I became very excited at the film, and what it can bring to a film series that deserved a rather gritty entry to close it out.

From what I’ve seen in the trailers and read from quick reviews, we can expect a solid film that may be a somewhat bittersweet ending to Hugh Jackman’s amazing performance of Wolverine in every film he’s been in.

That with Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier’s character, along with perhaps one of my most favorite X-Men character of all time, X-23, I can see this being a very enjoyable, and intense film.

You can definitely see a review coming soon with much more detailed moments, both good and bad, along with comparisons to the Old Man Logan series.