Winter is slowly becoming another memory, going into the dark hole that it sprung out from and froze most of us. It is nice to remember the memories we’ve made during the season.

Today’s Watching Wednesday is a nice nostalgic trip into the Winter season with the fourth film in the Persona 3 animated series: Winter of Rebirth

Following the ending of the third film where main character Makoto finds his friends Aegis (who is an android designed to hunt shadows, dark creatures from another dimension), and Ryuji, a mysterious but energetic boy who suddenly appeared, fighting on a bridge near the enigmatic city of Iwatodai.

As a long time fan of the Persona series, this film does the conclusion of the game an extreme justice, with fluid animation, a near carbon copy of Shoji Meguro’s musical talent, and a new perspective on characters we’ve come to love, and watched grow closer together.

Of course, it goes without saying that to truly enjoy this, it is highly recommended to finish the other three films before starting this finale to the S.E.E.S. group, and what follows next.

We would talk about the plot much more, but it becomes a spoiler with every moment that follows the beginning.

Do yourself a favor, if you don’t have an opportunity to play the third Persona game, watch the films to know why Mass Destruction is the best Lotus Juice song, or why Koromaru is the best doggo in the Persona series!