With so many anime titles available, going back to the classics always a good thing.

Today’s Watching Wednesday is a fan favorite, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Released originally in Japan July 1984, this movie was a shortened version of the Macross series, which in turn was released as Robotech in the states.

Following the main protagonists, rookie pilot Hikaru Ichijyo, Pop Idol Lynn Minmay, and a colorful cast, this opens up with the massive Space Fortress Macross, and an orchestral arrangement of the main theme, inviting you to quite possibly the most beautiful animations, of the colony, to the first time we hear Lynn Minmay singing to an audience.

This film can still stand the test of time, along with films like Studio Ghibli.

It defies logic to spin a tale about the emotional state of war, personal dreams, and that love can be a strong weapon against those who would crush hope.

So, I really recommend this film to any fan of animation, the mecha genre, and any anime newcomer!