Today’s Watching Wednesday is another personal favorite of mine, and that film is The Shadow!

Released in 1994, around the time that non-DC and Marvel films were the norm, and based on a comic strip first released in 1931, this film stars Alec Baldwin as the titular character, centering around a New York filled with mysticism and wonder, and a hero who is willing to stay in the darkness to protect the people.

Alec Baldwin plays Lamont Cranston, a playboy philanthropist who harbors a dark past, but is redeeming himself through the abilities he learned in his past life, as a dark crime fighter only known as The Shadow.

When a ghost from his past comes back, only to thirst for conquest and power, it is up to The Shadow to stop him at any means necessary.

With fantastic acting from Alec, Tim Curry, Sir Ian McKellen, Penelope Ann Miller, and many more, this color representation of the vibrant 30’s New York and other exotic locales, if you enjoy simple fun and amazing cinematography, this film was one that I personally have watched from beginning to end countless times, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes either Pulp Fiction genre films, or a simple superhero story that isn’t DC or Marvel!