Today’s Watching Wednesday is one where I personally feel needs to be shared with the world.

Gravity Rush was a small title originally released for the Playstation Vita years ago, with gorgeous visuals, fantastic music, and the cutest protagonist around, it was genuinely a fun game that was considered a sleeper hit with most fans.

Now with the release of the second game only a few weeks away, Sony teamed up with the acclaimed animation Studio Khara (Of Evangelion fame), to produce and animate a short film covering the gap between the first and second game.

When protagonist Kat and her mysterious sidekick Dusty the cat, try to enjoy a peaceful day only to have it ruined by new foes who threaten to tear the very fabric of the universe apart, it is up to her and her ability to manipulate gravity around her to find the cause and stop it from destroying the world she has come to love.

If you have watched anything from Studio Khara, you have come to expect nothing but high quality animation and smooth movements, along with the amazing soundtrack you’ve come to love from the series.

While it does require some knowledge into the previous title, it does do a very good job standing alone and introducing newcomers to the world of Gravity Rush.

So while you’re anxiously waiting for the new game to drop, take some time to check this 20 minute film out, trust us, you will not be dissapointed!