Following the theme of coming together for the holidays, today’s Watching Wednesday is a charming and heartwarming animated film that is sure to bring everyone together to enjoy!

Tokyo Godfathers is brought to us by the legendary Satoshi Kon, based off of Peter Kyne’s Three Godfathers.

When three homeless people find a baby in a pile of garbage while scavenging in Tokyo, only to become the most unlikely family, and heading into an adventure across the vast city to find the child’s parents.


With Kon’s talent to create a world that is colorful, with interesting characters, a fantastic score and a mix of comedy, drama and hope, while keeping it spoiler free, we can honestly say that Tokyo Godfathers is a fantastic ride from beginning to end that Satoshi Kon can only bring.

If you loved Summer Wars, Paprika, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, make sure you gather all of your loved ones and watch this classic film for the holidays!