Today’s Watching Wednesday is a little weirder than usual, but no less an amazing recommendation of a film!

Guyver: Dark Hero may be a sequel and an American live action adaptation of a Japanese anime, but it can still be watched on it’s own and still equally as enjoyed.

Starring Solid Snake himself, David Hayter as Sean Barker, a year has passed since he defeated the Cronos Corporation, but Sean Barker (David Hayter) continues to struggle with his ability to call upon the powers of the Guyver, a suit of armor developed by aliens, when he must face evil. Hoping to find answers as to why he has received this ability, Barker arrives at an archeological site in Utah, where scientists have uncovered an old alien spacecraft that might solve the mystery. However, the Cronos Corporation is still after him.

A wild film, with as much cheese as you’d expect from a film released in 1994, this film is still loved by any Tokunatsu fan, and classic anime fan alike.

Just be forewarned, this film may not be for all ages, so maybe sit the kids out for this one.

Before the year is out, do yourself a favor and watch my personal favorite film of all time!