It goes without saying that most of us have seen so many Disney films in our lifetime, one classic remains our favorite, and today’s Watching Wednesday.

Debuted 1990, the critically acclaimed sequel to the fantastic The Rescuers, this movie stars our heroes Bianca (voiced by the incomparable Eva Gabor) and her partner Bernard (Bob Newhart), agents of the worldwide Rescue Aid Society, as they embark on an adventure to save those who are in need of help, no matter how difficult the challenge may be.


This leads into the grand continent of Australia, where a young boy befriends a large and very rare golden Eagle, only to be hunted by the dastardly and cunning Mr. Leach, who not only wants to capture this magnificent creature, but also her eggs that she hid away.

Filled with amazing voice acting, a fantastic story and most importantly, animation that still holds up against the test of time, this film should be on a must watch list for every Disney fan, or a fan to be.

It also shows a kinder side of nature, the one willing to protect others and preserve our wonderful world. So this holiday season, please watch this film with loved ones, you’ll definitely love it!