With the upcoming release of NieR: Automata, today’s Watching Wednesday pay homage to the first title by Square Enix.

Unleashed upon the world as NieR:Gestalt, the North American title has you in the shoes of Nier, a father doing whatever it takes to save his young daughter Yonah from a mysterious disease, only to be involved in something much bigger.

With loose connections to the Drakenguard series, this magical tale is an emotional roller coaster with well written characters, beautiful locales spanning ages, and the amazing score by Keiichi Okabe of Aldonah Zero and Tekken fame and enhanced by by the enchanting vocals of Emi Evans.

While not known as the most popular title out there, everyone who has played it can say that it was a sleeper hit.

A little hard to find, but if you do, please don’t pass a great game by.

Don’t forget to check out NieR: Automata coming soon!