Today’s election day in the United States of America!

So in honor of a bunch of people being crammed into one home, today’s Tip Tuesday is about convention or event roommate etiquette.

Respecting each other’s space is crucial, and will bring everyone to a nice, happy, place throughout the convention time. No one enjoys people all up in their bizznizz.

Since we are all party animals, it’s very important to be cool and not go overboard. If alcohol is involved, make sure no minors are not drinking. That’s super illegal and the last thing you need is the boys in blue crashing the party and showing you the inside of a jail cell.

Most importantly, hygiene is godliness. Please keep an eye on it, take showers regularly and of course make sure you bring a proper change of clothing. While that awesome cosplay you slaved over countless hours is positively your life’s work and you can pass from this work knowing that you are the best around and no one is ever going to keep you down, having a casual, comfortable outfit handy can truly make all the difference!

What are your tips for roommate etiquette? Let us know in the comments below! Your tip may very well help someone in the future!