Today’s Tip Tuesday is about wanting to make new friends at events or conventions, but can’t seem to manage a way to do it.

The beauty of these events is that you are more likely to find like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things that you do! That’s what makes it wonderful, and surprisingly easier than any other moment.

Of course social anxiety can be a difficult thing to get around, but as long as you take the time you need to collect yourself and say the magic word (It’s “Hello”, for those of you who are wondering). Chances are the person who wants to be your friend feels the same way, so no worries!

From there, try to let things take their natural course, and try not to force conversations, it can make things awkward and close off people from continuing. Think of it like a chapter from Ace Attorney!

Once you break the ice, then it’s off to having a ball and enjoying yourself as much as you possibly can!

What are your tips for helping someone make friends at conventions and events?