Today’s Tip Tuesday is about prop weapons, and making sure they’re con safe!

When planning to make props for your cosplay, be it a weapon or anything else related to your character, and plan to take it to a convention, make sure you check the convention rules on their weapons.

When making bladed prop weapons, most cons won’t allow you to have anything made of real metal, and if it is, it cannot be of a certain length.

When making any firearm based prop, make sure you place an orange tip on the end of the muzzle, so it isn’t compared to an actual firearm. The last thing you want is to have the cops called on you because you thought Yoko’s rifle should be extremely realistic.
Of course it doesn’t need to be mentioned, but just in case, airsoft guns, BB guns, or anything with metallic pieces are banned in nearly every con, unless it falls within a special case, which you would have to check with either con staff or the convention website.

What are your tips for props so they can be considered “con safe”? Let us know in the comments!