While we’ve said it multiple times in the past, and we’ve tried to live by this saying, and especially in the cosplay community it’s very important: “If you see something, say something!”

This week, our Tip Tuesday is about taking action when you see cosplayers being either bullied, harassed or worse, say something or get involved if you can.

Even if its just pretending to be their friend, or family member, to walk around in groups, especially at night if you walk around the convention area. If you aren’t comfortable doing either, make sure you let any convention staff or authorities know if you see anything either suspicious or affecting a convention goer immediately!

On the same note, please respect other convention attendees with the same respect you would want yourself. The absolute worst thing anyone can do, is put anyone down, regardless of the situation.

What are your tips to help prevent any kind of harassment or bullying in the convention scene? Please let us know in the comments below, and help us help the community become better!