Today’s Tip Tuesday is about proper convention hotel etiquette!

Of course we’ve talked about how to go about being a roommate at any con hotel, but what is the standard approach that we recommend when going on the hunt for a hotel room and what to do when you finally nab that awesome priced hotel room?

The earliest, the better is the best way to approach booking a hotel room. It gets you the best price possible, and knocks that bit off your convention checklist. For more popular conventions, like Katsucon and AnimeExpo, it becomes a rush to the finish line day 1 when those hotel blocks become available, so always keep an eye out.

Once you get that hotel room, provided you have people joining your room already, breaking down the prices for each person (and adjust accordingly when adding more people) as soon as possible helps avoid miscommunication between the group, and prevents any issues that may arise before the day of the convention.

Most hotel rooms only give a limited amount of room keys, so make sure you split them up properly, and keep in constant communication between each other throughout the convention weekend, the last thing anyone needs, is have the desire to go back to the hotel room, only to find out that you have to wait near hours for a roommate to return, and most hotel rooms will not provide more unless the person who booked the hotel is present.

Keep it as clean as possible.
Of course cons are notorious for cosplayers to create a space of chaos in a small corner of a hotel room, but try to keep all trash to a dedicated space and keep it as tidy as you possibly could.

This goes without saying, but given our experiences in the past: DON’T BREAK HOTEL PROPERTY!
IF you want to come back to the hotels that circle the con, or if you want the con to come back at all, don’t trash the room or destroy hotel property. The convention pays for each damage done to a hotel under it’s area, and the hotel may not want them back if large amounts of damage is done under it’s care. So don’t risk it for yourself or for the convention, because no one wants to be THAT GUY.

What other tips do you have for con etiquette? Let us know in the comments!