Almost everyone who cosplays has some form of social media page set up, mainly to show your work, work in progress, show your growth as a cosplayer, and mainly to keep your personal life separate from your personal life. Of course with putting yourself out there as a cosplayer, you are most definitely allowed to say whatever you feel you want to share with your followers, including your stance on certain things such as politics and world issues.

Just as you say whatever you feel needs to be said, people will more than likely comment their thoughts on your shared views.

Today’s Tip Tuesday goes into whether there is a real limit to what you or your follower can and should say.

Trolls are a thing. This needs to be said first and foremost, and they will always be a thing until the end of the internet itself. They will always find a way to take what you said and twist it, in turn using it against you, or just blatantly insult you just because.

However, you do sometimes come across people who don’t feel the same as you, and will express that distaste in hopes of bringing up a good and thought out discussion.
Some cosplayers feel that forming a persona of sorts, an image to represent you as a cosplayer, and social media presence.
While this isn’t a bad thing, it does become difficult to express yourself the way you wish to, as opposed to saying what others want you to say.

Would you feel that saying what you truly feel, and potentially losing followers, than being a professional and limiting what you say, to keep those who do follow you, is more important?

Please, let us know in the comments below, we want to know your input!