We’ve talked about saving money for food at cons, talked about spending smart for food at cons, we’ve even talked about buying snacks for cons.

This week’s Tip Tuesday however, is going one step ahead and talking about making food and snacks for a con!

Of course we don’t expect you to prepare a weekend’s worth of meals in containers and bring it with you. We found that something as simple as baking cookies or anything that doesn’t require to be refridgerated can help you and whomever you share the room with that con weekend with making smart decisions the con weekend.

We know how difficult it is to eat smart and healthy at the con, we of all people know how tempting it is to get that giant burger with large fries, but perhaps even something as small as cut carrots or celery can honestly make that temptation a little bit easier somehow.

If you do happen to get a fridge in your room, then the possibilites are much better, with food that doesn’t require microwaving, such as oatmeal, granola snacks, or even rice crispy treats!

What is your go to plan for bringing homemade food and snacks to a con? Let us know in the comments below!