You’re ready to go to that event or convention you’ve been staying up so many nights for, only to find out you’ve gotten the cold! Oh no!

Today’s Tip Tuesday is a cautionary reminder to always be prepared for potentially becoming sick either before, during or after the fun weekend you’ve been looking forward to.

Sleep is definitely important.
While staying up late to hang with friends you’ve either just met or seeing again after so long, you want to at least run on 8-10 hours of sleep if you want a running party engine.

Drink lots of fluids.
Water, or any type of drink intended to be good for your body. This allows you to stay hydrated and not risk potential dehydration or worse, dizziness and fainting. Always have at least a water bottle readily available.

Eat good food.
We aren’t talking about that delicious cake or rum and coke either.
Make sure your weekend diet doesn’t consist of snacks or unhealthy foods.
It’s definitely ok to have some, but you want to have a nice meal to keep you properly energized and ready to go!

Carry a medicine bag.
Bringing medicine for those just in case moments are crucial. Like Advil or cold medicine. Also bring preventative medicine like Airborne to keep healthy throughout the weekend!

Remember, the weekend is fun filled, but being sick is just no bueno!

What are your tips on being healthy during an event or convention? Let us know!