Today’s Tip Tuesday is somewhat of a soapbox moment, mostly because it’s a sad thing if this has to be mentioned on multiple occasions.

We live in a world where cosplay is becoming such a welcoming environment and being accepted by society bit by bit.

However with one great step forward, there are issues within this great community that sets us two steps back.

Being friends with so many wonderful people in the complying world, you hear stories about how fun it is to wear that costume they’ve wanted to for so long. That being said, we’ve also heard the darker side of things, the ones that make feel people uncomfortable and fearful.

Support your favorite cosplayers by any available means they offer, in fact it is encouraged. However, please do so by respecting them as a person, regardless of the outfit they wear. They do not owe anyone anything by wearing certain cosplays, and they do it for their enjoyment and love of the craft rather than anyone elses.

Too many stories of people harassing cosplayers about their cosplays, or ridiculing them because they don’t look like so and so person. No one should ever have to be compared to anyone else.

Talking to them about how much you love what they do is perfectly fine, but do so in a respectful manner. No one has to feel bad about what they choose to do.

So today’s tip is: Please respect cosplayers as individuals, to allow this growing community of ours to be one of acceptance