Today’s Tip Tuesday is the cautionary tale of shopping for wigs, cosplays, or props online.

While making a cosplay can seem very difficult, time and money consuming, sometimes it really is easier to either commission or purchase from an online vendor.

Often enough, these purchases are definitely worth it, and the delivered product is as amazing as you’d hope it would be.

However, there are those rare occasions where you do run into a situation where problems can happen.

Our tips for this situation are simple:

If you commission from someone, make sure payment is done as a professional or services payment through PayPal.

Make sure you stay in constant communication with the commissioner, requesting updates and photo proof of said work.

If you are buying from an online store, make sure to read reviews to see if others were happy with their purchases and the vendor is reliable.

Join social media groups related to shopping for cosplay items, so you can see some experiences and someone who may have answers for your questions.

If you are ordering from an international vendor, keep in mind the potential delays in shipping and order at your earliest convenience so when the con rolls around, you aren’t waiting on the item for a very long time.

As long as you’re very much careful of how you approach shopping online for that potentially awesome cosplay, things will go well. Happy shopping, Fan!