You’ve seen your favorite cosplayer at a convention, gushed over how amazing their cosplay is, and how much you look up to them.

You decide that you plan to cosplay something amazing to reach your cosplay sempai one day.

However you feel like whatever you do isn’t good enough or will never be as popular as some of the pages you follow on social media.

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about letting go of that emotion and simply doing cosplay for the sake of cosplaying, and not to view it any other way.

Honestly, as long as we have done this, we can say that pressure is natural, compared to others.
That doesn’t mean that we let it stop us from truly enjoying what we do.

Having talked to countless cosplayers, we can say that they feel the same. While they know that there is a sort of high rise to “popular cosplayers”, they don’t view it as a race or competition, and neither should anyone, regardless of whether they are a novice or have been doing this for years on end.

Cosfame is a thing that is well known, however note that they themselves had a start. Be it a rocky or difficult one, trial and error, and learning new techniques had got them to where they are now.
We know that cosplayers like Mango Sirene have made it a life goal to not only break away from the mentality of a competitive cosplay scene, but to share her knowledge with everyone so that they can cosplay whomever they want without regrets.

Our final advice is this: Forget the idea that you will never be better than anyone else, or that your cosplay will never be good enough. Simply do the thing and have fun, because that’s why you decided on the cosplay in the first place, right? Fun is much better than fame, anyway.