Today’s Tip Tuesday is about controlling your spending at conventions.

While we did cover this at one point in time, this tip is about setting a specific budget for yourself so you either don’t go broke or regret your purchases.

It can become nearly overwhelming when you first enter the artists alley or dealer room t any convention or event.

Those figures you’ve been wanting forever seem expensive, but you think you may never find it again, so you buy them and hoard them in your bags when you leave.

However, you just spent nearly all your money for the weekend, leaving you with eating cheap junk food or even skipping meals to save a few bucks.

That’s bad, don’t ever do that.

Our recommendation is to force a budget for yourself before you even head out the door when you plan to head to the convention.

Make alarms on your phone, bring a notebook detailing how much you will bring with you, and how much will be set aside for things like food, emergencies and then set aside all that for buying that sweet swag.

If you can’t trust yourself, trust in a friend you know will be the perfect treasurer for your money.

Better to have someone control your funds, then to spend them all, only to need them at that moment for something important.

Come to the convention by yourself?

No worries, banks allow mobile alerts to remind you of your balance each time you spend, and there are now apps that help make the budget for you so you don’t have to.

Don’t be a Mike Montana and literally wake up with your first words of the morning being, “I need to spend all of my paycheck.”

Better to be smart and strict, then dumb and broke.

What are your tips to help control spending? Let us know in the comments, and help a fellow Fan make smart choices!