With Katsucon still fresh in so many people’s minds, along with so many other cons in between, it can definitely take a physical and emotional toll on us.

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about taking a break from conventions and events if needed.

With so many conventions both local and not, it’s not hard to see that we’d love to visit them all and enjoy ourselves.

However, just as making time for a convention is crucial, taking time to recharge the internal batteries a bit is equally as important.

There shouldn’t be any pressure if you wanted to skip a few cons during the year in order to rest up a bit and spending time taking things slow and easy.

We’re a perfect example of convention crazy. We have been to so many conventions as of the last few years, and while we do enjoy seeing our friends and shooting all you amazing people, we do need to take breaks every once in a while to actually rest, and not make us crash into walking zombies.

Once you feel that you’ve properly rested, then you can come back to your favorite cons, with a clear mind and a healthy body!