This last weekend was Katsucon weekend. One of the biggest East Coast conventions in the United States for sure.

While everyone had fun, and many memories (and photos) were proof of that!

However with the good, there is most definitely the bad.

As of the last few years, this year being no different, some people tend to leave their hotel rooms trashed.

While we don’t expect everyone to be the cleanest bunch of people around, it does affect how the hotel views our conventions, and how much they charge the con in order to host at that location.

The Gaylord in Maryland is definitely a gorgeous location, perfect for cosplays and photographers alike, and honestly we want to keep it that way.

When congoers trash the room, and damaging property, it does make it harder for them to even consider inviting the cons back.

So our Tip Tuesday of this week is simple: Clean up after yourself before leaving a convention or event.

If you have people sharing your room with you, please make sure they clean up after themselves rather thoroughly. Make a checklist of what needs to be taken care of before you leave the room. Make sure all trash is picked up, no personal belongings are needed. Nearly every hotel does charge extra if the room was kept in an unfavorable state, so be aware.

We shouldn’t have to tell others to clean up after themselves, but we also shouldn’t have to hear those who don’t care complain that the prices do rise each year either.

What are your tips on cleaning after yourself in convention hotel room? Let us know in the comments so you can help others!