We’re almost there everyone! With 2016 ready for us to kick it into the trash can so we can forget all the bad stuff and go onto the fresh slate of 2017!

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about taking the first steps to make your new year better!

First Tip:
Start the day with a new perspective!

Sometimes the day before can get you in a bad mood, frustrated, irritated, and genuinely want to not deal with the following day.
However, try to remember that tomorrow is a very new day!
A new chapter, new episode, new level, and another chance to level up and become a better person!
You are the leader of your mood, the boss of your emotions, so take control and win the day!

Second Tip:
Record the positives of your day!

While it’s easy to focus on the negatives of each day, and let them ride out until you sleep, only to make the following day equally as bad, there can always be positives as well!
Write down the moments that made you feel all warm inside, those lovely moments where you smile and laugh!
You can always look to them if you feel down at any moment, those little pick me ups!

Second Tip:
Remember there are always people you can count on!

In the bleaker moments of life, we often forget that there are people who can help us get through it.
While it may seem that we can be a bother, to our closest loved ones, we can be rest assured that they will always be there for us, no matter how bad it can ever get. Remember you are loved and are important to them!

What are your tips on how to make this 2017 an amazing one? Let us know in the comments and tag that awesome person who made your 2017 better!