We’ve talked about fabrics, finding those good sales, and organization.
However we do need to talk about one very important aspect of crafting anything, whether from fabrics, or crafting foam such as worbla, craft foam, and the hundreds of others available: safety.

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about making sure that you’re properly equipped to make perhaps the greatest thing you’ve ever made yet.

When using anything chemical related, make sure to read the labels properly, to make sure you know exactly how much is considered normal use, and what to avoid coming in contact with during usage.

Proper wear is also important, some projects may require goggles, rubber gloves, a proper apron designed to handle splatters and foam shrapnel during crafting, and most importantly, open air when spraying or cutting crafting foam.

A couple of further examples of these are wonderful PSA styled posts from Punished Props and of course, the wonderful videos that MangoSirene offer on not only tips to handle crafting, but the proper procedures to take in order to make sure that everyone is safe.

What are your tips to give others for safety when crafting? Let us know in the comments below!