I unfolded myself from the car on the morning of November 5th, smiling as I watched some other con-goers fixing their wings. A rainbow sign reading “FaerieCon” was posted on the exterior wall of the Hunt Valley Inn, inviting guests to enter a world of magic and beauty.


Entering the hallway to get checked in was a challenge – I was wearing a pair of wings, and so were other festive attendees. As I crab-walked to the will call desk, I watched some of the vendors busily helping customers. Feathered collar pieces, jewelry, and small, mossy mushroom terrariums were among some of the pieces being sold. I received my day-pass, a cool-looking wrist stamp that I flashed to the staffer near the escalator to the dealer’s room.

The creativity of the vendors never ceases to amaze. Many of those that traveled to the con were like myself – in search of finely-crafted pieces to add to their costume collection.

One such artisan is Treadlight (Etsy here and Facebook here). As you can see, their boots and sandals are fantastically fantastical, featuring detailed leather leaves with custom-fit shoes and comfy soles. They also make leaf bags that are well-loved in the Faerie community, since you can carry your modern stuff without ruining your Faerie aesthetic.

One of my personal favorite shops was Gaia’s Mystic Gems by Lauren (right in first picture, left in second). She had wonderful displays at her booth that she and her boyfriend (left) (I apologize I forgot your name!) crafted from PVC, paper mache and paint.

The display to the right is Gaia’s shop symbol. It lights up!

Those who weren’t there to exclusively shop (unlike myself) traveled to see their favorite well-known Faerie artists, Brian and Wendy Froud. I myself wasn’t lucky enough to be able to see them on the 4th, but many of my friends got to meet these headliner guests. The musical acts are also a large draw – typically Faeriecon will host two large Masquerade Balls, the Good Faerie’s Ball and Bad Faerie’s ball. This year, in honor of their 10th anniversary, they held a Labrynth-themed ball in place of the Good Faerie’s Ball on Friday night with music by Priscilla Hernandez and the band “Woodland”, a FaerieCon favorite. The Bad Faerie’s Ball featured music by Omnia, and Euzen, both famous pagan folk bands from Europe.

Also in attendance were the Maryland Mermaids, a spectacular group of aquatic creatures that put up with us landlubbers taking endless amounts of pictures. The tails are quite heavy and hard to lift, being silicone and wet – but they beached with grace!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Faeriecon without Faeries and cool costumes of all sorts!

All in all, I had a blast! I wished that I could go for the whole weekend, but unfortunately that Saturday was my only available day. It’s a small con with a non-judgmental, fun-loving and supremely creative crowd. I highly recommend going and I plan on coming back next year.