Today’s #TeachMeTuesday is brought to us by candy lover and Evangelion fan, Steff Von Schweetz, and its about those interested in Crossplaying for the first time!

I think a lot of people have this notion that crossplay is hard because they don’t know where to start with becoming the opposite sex. Surprisingly, it’s really not so different because it all comes down to shapes.

When you’re a woman dressing as a man, think how the silhouette changes: no defined hips or bust, more of a triangular shape from the shoulders down, slender thighs, squared facial features and smaller eyes. Once you figure out what on you needs to change you can actually go about reshaping yourself. For example, transgender clothing is a great way to start as they already sell products to shape you into the opposite sex. Binders for female chests and slimming shorts for thighs and hips are great. If you’re going from male to female, then looking into how drag queens apply foam padding works wonders.

Once you have your base silhouette you can start on the clothing which works the same way. Look at how men and women’s clothing varies in shape. For men, they don’t have a defined waist on their shirts, things are more lose, etc. Going with a straight pant or something slightly tapered will help hide natural hips. Keep in mind, you still want all your clothing to fit properly, but you need to have it fit in the way the opposite sex’s would- if that makes sense. Don’t just purchase overly baggy jeans for a male or a tiny top for a female; make sure the clothing still fits where it’s supposed to.

Makeup is also going to be one of your best tools. The best advice I can personally give is practice, practice, practice. There are roughly a million and twelve YouTube tutorials on crossdessing makeup and each one will look slightly different depending on the face shape, skin color and bone structure. No on will be a carbon copy to you. So take these tutorials and just practice and see what looks good on you. I’ve gone through several different tutorials for one character and still am always tweaking my application; but that’s part of the fun of working with makeup!