It’s almost no surprise that today’s Watching Wednesday is the wildly popular new show on Netflix brought to us by Marvel, Luke Cage.

It’s also no surprise that it’s become extremely popular with it’s amazing story, well written characters, and it’s tough, but caring titular character.

While known to many by Power Man, this rendition of Luke Cage follows our hero before and after meeting Jessica Jones on her show.

A man with unbreakable skin, Luke fights to protect those who can’t, in a neighborhood that isn’t too welcoming to change.


With a wonderful performance by Mike Colter as Cage, and Rosario Dawson returning as Claire, each character is portrayed amazingly and strongly.

For someone who has been waiting for a superhero of this caliber for a long time, this show is a definite must watch for anyone who has enjoyed Dardevil and Jessica Jones’ style of justice and realistic tone.