Two weeks have past since we came back from Akaicon in Franklin, Tennessee (about 20 minutes outside Nashville). It had a successful third year. Having outgrown the previous two venues it is staying true with constant growth. It’s first year had over 800 attendees while the second year had over 1200. Though this year didn’t have as great a percentage increase as previous, it still achieved just over 2000 attendees. Run by second year con chair Devin Adkins, the very knowledgeable and friendly staff continue to push towards improvement. Many staff members are no stranger to the convention scene either as con attendees or as staff. Everyone we talk to always use the same words to describe this convention; friendly, warm, family. Even though the venue is smaller than what we are used to (For example, DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia & Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland) that didn’t take away from the convention feel or the smoothness with which it was run. These two very important elements seem to be the winning equation for this convention.

This was our second year attending. We first heard about Akaicon last year from a friend (Steven D’Onofrio) who would be a guest at the event. Having had so much fun and having made new friends with the staff/press we interacted with, it was a given we would return the following year. They did not disappoint, we had just as much fun seeing those friends again and interacting with other con goers, cosplayers, photographers, and guests. If you have seen our wrap-up show, it’s a given that we will be attending the fourth edition of Akaicon. At first, we were told that the convention would be around the end of July in 2016. However, rumors are murmuring though social media that the convention might be held in October. Their first year was held in October 2013.

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