When I first heard about Santa Rosa Toy Con. I didn’t expect it to be any more than a place for avid collectors to meet up and put down hundreds of dollars on toys from years past. When I actually managed to go this year, I realized I couldn’t be more wrong.

The Santa Rosa Toy Con is a one day event that takes place in the city of Santa Rosa,at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

Admission for the con was $15 per person, which I felt was a reasonable price even though it was a one day convention. As soon as I walked through the front door I was greeted by a giant blow up balloon of The Hulk.

The moment I saw the Angry Green Giant I knew that I would love it here. Just by taking a quick glance around the center I could see people from all kinds of fandoms: Dr. Who,Star Wars, Anime, and of course Marvel and DC Comics.

I decided to take a quick lap around the center just to see what it all had to offer, I tried not to read up on the convention itself too much due to wanting to keep it a surprise. So there I am still pretty nervous because this is my first con where I actually made a costume from scratch (Harvey “Two Face” Dent from Batman the animated series) and the only thing that went trough my mind was just if I did the character Justice. It wasn’t long before I was called out by a fellow cosplayer. A Joker cosplayer no less! We exchanged compliments on our costumes and make ups and he then asked for a picture. Suddenly every bit of worry I had was gone and began to enjoy myself even more.

Although I didn’t bring much in terms of cash to get myself merchandise it was great to see what the vendors had to offer.

My favorite item had to be a Triforce lamp symbol from the Legend of Zelda series that would change color randomly every few seconds. Second choice would be a Batman Action Figure that was modeled after Michael Keaton from the original 1989 film.

As the con went on many cosplay groups began to set up their areas. The Bay Area Ghost Busters for example had a stunning re-creation of the Ecto-1, and the local Bat-Family had a faithful copy of the 1960’s batmobile. Needless to say plenty of pictures were taken of both vehicles.

It was around 2pm in the day when the featured guests started arriving.

For the anime crowd Johnny Yong Bosch was present. He was the only one I actually got to meet during the con. It was a great experience, we talked briefly about his work in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the Persona series.

For the Sci-Fi fans, Billy Dee Williams was present and I regret not going to his booth because being dressed as Two Face I would have loved to hear what he thought since he played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman Film.

After meeting and getting my manga of JoJo’s signed by Bosch I was ready to go so I took a quick look in the artist alley building where local artist where looking to sell their art. Was very impressed to see a booth with some bizarre art on Dollar Bills. For example instead of Washington in the middle it would be Marvel’s Deadpool giving a thumbs up.

As I was walking out and heading for the exit I noticed the food section of the con. It wasn’t really anything big. Just small food stands with the basic burgers, hot dogs and ice cream. I wasn’t really hungry and the day was relatively cool so I decided to pass on it.

What really caught my eye was the LARPing going on right beside it. Although I’m not big into Role Playing itself though it was cool to see there was an area dedicated to that crowd as well. Toy Con definitely had something for everyone.

As much fun as I had talking to people and appreciating all the costumes and merchandise there. The fact that I’m not a big collector made it feel like I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. In the long run Toy Con is a place to get that hard to find action figure that you’ve been searching years for. And while I do enjoy my small collection of DC merchandise, I didn’t really see anything that really caught my eye or made me say “I just had to have it”.

In the end Toy Con was enjoyable. It’s a small convention in a small town located in Northern California and it doesn’t try to be anything more than that. Although it’s the perfect place to go crazy and dress up as your favorite character, Unless your looking to spend some money on that Collectors edition Homer Simpson figure, you’re probably gonna get bored really quick. In the end id have to give it a 7 out of 10. Still enjoyable and a good time is to be expected but you have to bring the big bucks and an obsession of collection to really make the trip worth it.

For more information on Santa Rosa Toy Con, visit their website at http://santarosatoycon.com/ or Like Them on Facebook.