We are all capable of having that moment, and sometimes it becomes the most embarrassing thing for us that entire convention weekend.

I’m talking of course, of unleashing that burst of grand excitement known as the fanboy (or fangirl!) moment.

I definitely can’t blame you when it happens, sometimes meeting that one cosplayer, that YouTuber, that celebrity you have been anxiously waiting to meet at that event or convention, can be overwhelming and you can’t hold it in anymore and you need to go up to them and give them a hug or high five and gush about how you enjoy what they do.

Yours truly definitely is guilty of such a moment, though normally I have friends to bring me down to earth and allow me to regain my composure. Other times I’ve simply stayed away lest I do something completely dumb, which I’ve been known to definitely do.

We don’t intentionally do it either, sometimes we can’t help it. Although sometimes that can lead to negative results, like said celebrity being a little freaked out at our reaction to their existence. It happens, because we are exactly that, fans.

Quite possibly my most embarrassing fanboy moment happened at MAGFest 2015. This was my first time going to this event, and I had gone with friends and after hearing the numerous guests and performers, needless to say I was very anxious and excited to go. If you’re not familiar with MAGFest, it is nearly a week long music and gaming festival at the National Harbor in Maryland. It is a mecca for gamers and music lovers alike, especially I if you’re into fighting games. So on Thursday, we arrive and get settled in our hotel. We being myself and three other friends, and make our way to the Gaylord Hotel, in which the festival is being held at.

For those who have gone during either MAGFest or Katsucon, you can attest to how gorgeous this venue is. As we walk around the fountain area, we were discussing what we were planning to have for dinner, since the trip took a lot out of us. (Coming from Long Island, NY the trip is nearly 5 hours, not including traffic). If anyone knows me, I am a huge fan of the YouTube channel Super Best Friends Play, and they were invited as guests to this year’s MAGFest.

As we pass the hotel American Bar and Grill restaurant, I spotted in the corner of my eye a familiar purple and green dreadlocked figure. It was Woolie from Super Best Friends, which meant that Matt and Liam were nearby.

Needless to say, I couldn’t help it and became flustered and speechless to the point of grabbing a nearby friend and pointing them out, which in turn made him go equally nuts. If it weren’t for our other friend, we would’ve rushed them and interrupted their own dinner, which would’ve been a bad first impression.

Using this as a cautionary tale as to not follow my example, I’ll give tips that were given to me by friends who had experienced their own fan moments.

Taking deep breaths and collecting yourself is a good start if you plan to approach anyone, slowly counting to 10 helps as well. Of course having a friend nearby helps to be that support system to not let you become a rabid fan.

Each guest are people like you, who are probably as excited to meet you as you are them, and talk about stuff you both enjoy! Take note that saying a simple hello and being courteous definitely helps of course.

You never know, it can take you very far! Or in my case, getting an interview and a picture where we all Jojo poses, something that will be with me for a very long time.