In 1987 Alan Moore wrote The Killing Joke. Widely regarded as one of the best Joker stories ever. It was a very dark and gritty tale that changed the DC universe as we know it. After all these years it got a film adaption. But does it do it Justice? Let’s find out.

The film starts off very differently for one. It’s actually a Batgirl story. An original one to boot. It focuses on a new villain. The son of the Francesza Crime Boss named Paris. Paris France get it? Yea it’s a pretty dumb attempt at humor something that thankfully isn’t done to often. So Paris is the new kid in town and does small time jobs while getting the attention of the aforementioned Batgirl. Paris actually enjoys the attention and proceeds to get a crush on Batgirl. This leads to Batman cutting her off from seeing Paris and just staying away since Paris is not afraid of Batgirl which renders her basically useless in the eyes of the Bat. Now of course she doesn’t listen and manages to get caught in Paris’s schemes and gets inside her head while at the same time getting on Batman’s bad side. Problem here is. Batgirl has a thing for bats in this story. That’s one of my gripes and one that many people share with me actually. The romance between them does come out of nowhere and the sex scene that occurs while incredibly short just felt off. I didn’t mind it too much but it was enough to feel a bit confused. Besides that little hiccup the Batgirl story is alright for the most part. It’s an obvious padding to the story but doesn’t really add much to it. Just something to watch as an appetizer while you get to the really good stuff.

On to the actual story of The Killing Joke. In my honest opinion it’s a solid 8/10. The animation while a bit stiff at times looks great. The characters look like a more gritty realistic version of themselves. The music is just as great setting the mood in each scene and of course the voice acting is phenomenal. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill return to voice the Batman and Joker and as always it’s an absolute delight to see them in the same project. If you’re a fan of the comic book you will not be dissapointed. Everything is portrayed in the film and even has some scenes added to make the story even more dark than it originally was. Which is pretty crazy to think since the story is already pretty messed up. Seeing the man who becomes the Joker animated for the first time is a sight to see, you immediately sympathize with the character and feel for him. Which is why it makes it so hard to hate the Joker even after the crime he commits in the film. The carnival scene towards the final act is every bit as impactful as it is in the book. The monologue is done a little bit differently which to be honest I wasn’t a bit fan of at first but the way they changed it is pretty awesome. While in the original story the Monologue is making it seem as if the Joker is crying out for help. The film portrays it as him ranting and being sick of Batman. Both are amazing and it does the Joker character justice because it adds such a different take on the character just by the emotion alone.

Honestly, I really recommend checking out The Killing Joke. It’s a very controversial film at the moment which isn’t even a surprise considering the book itself is just as controversial. There’s a lot of cool throwbacks to other Batman media so hardcore fans will enjoy the Easter eggs here and there. As said before I give it a 8/10. The film itself is great though with a pretty boring prologue that leads to a confusing direction and animation problems in a few scenes are too noticeable to let pass. But if you’re a Batman fan ready to see one of the best stories out there come to life, you won’t want to miss this.