By Krissy Lawlor

Now that the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is out on Blu-Ray & DVD it’s time to talk fan.

There was a huge hype when news of a sequel was announced. All nerds/geeks have been excited, not just Star Wars fans. Since the original trilogy was first released almost 40 years ago, the fandom/fan base has had time to grow. Characters, terms, and key phrases have become ingrained into our culture and everyday lives. People can answer questions based on these movies better than current events. Hardcore and casual fans alike come together in common enjoyment of the universe created around these movies, from video games to books to cartoon shows.

I myself became a Star Wars fan back in middle school; so about 19 years ago. I had seen the movies but was drawn into the extended universe of the books. The fact that there now were more adventures and characters to love and follow delighted me and thus encouraged my reading. I became THE Star Wars fan of my class. Then once I was in high school, the prequels were announced. There was so much excitement and energy in my generation, being able to see a Star Wars movie in theaters when it was first released. The idea of new characters, worlds, creatures, answers to questions in regard to background stories, and bigger & better spaceships/technology. Unfortunately the prequels did not meet everyone’s expectation or approval but that we can talk about another time.

There was some skepticism once Episode VII was originally announced. The prequels had left a bad taste in some mouths and they were throwing out the Lucas approved extended universe but I was willing to give Disney a chance. They hadn’t let me down yet. And some others felt the same. Since I am now an “adult” and have been a fan for a longer period of time, my enthusiasm was on a higher level than it was for the prequels. I attended the earliest viewing I could get on opening night with a few friends, some almost just as big of fans as myself. I dressed up in costume. I fangirl-ed with others waiting on line. But when everyone was in the theater and the classic opening text scroll appeared on the screen, I was a child bouncing in my seat, clapping my hands with the biggest smile physically possible. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was trying not to giggle uncontrollably.

Being so happy and having so much fun watching this movie, has shown me again why I became a fan in the first place. I’ve had great conversations with a lot of people at conventions, seen so many great new cosplays, and even finally worked on my own cosplay. As cliché as it sounds, going to see “The Force Awakens” made me a child again. The hope and anticipation for the next two installments grows with each passing post, video, and interview I see on the internet.

Will I go opening night? Definitely!!

Will I dress up again? I’ll do my damn best to.

And will I drag my friends again? They have no say in the matter hahahaha!!