3 Headlines That Happened Over The Week
1. 20th Century Fox will not show movie exclusives at SDCC 2016 over piracy issues
2. Wizard World CEO resigns, replaced by former CW/WB Executive
3. Texas Judge refuses to stop Space City Comic Con

Con Tip of the Week
The Mary Sue Article – Conventions Are Oversaturated with Cosplay Photographers—But The Good Ones Are Still All Too Rare

Cosplay of the Week
SINDRAGOSA from World of Warcraft at PAX East by Danielle BeaulieuPhoto by David Ngo aka DTJAAAAMPost by Cosplay In America

Page Model Segment
Toni X Temptress
Instagram – tonixtemptress
Twitter – @xRussianDollx
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Dealers Spotlight
Cutie Pie Kawaii

Artist Spotlight

Tip Tuesday – “I rolled a natural 20, allowing me to get rid of stress”

Watching Wednesday – Keanu

Social Media Videos

Music Monday
Sweet Spectre Cosplay
Bamzy Cosplay
Sorin Lucien Cosplay
Nepesi Cosplay

Throwback Thursday – Japanese Lanagauge Lesson from Sakura Matsuri 2009
Feature Friday – Tony Oliver from Otakon 2011
Saturday Skit – Animé Los Angeles 2015 called “In The Swim Club”