3 Headlines That Happened Over The Week
1. Katsucon comments on Reddit AMA about the vandalism to the Gaylord

2. Anime Expo signed agreement to be in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the next 5 years

3. DragonCon Inc & Momocon forge strategic partnership

Social Media Posts
Dealer Spotlight – A Kawaii Boutique

Artist Spotlight – Sunset Dragon
Hey Chickadee

Cosplay of the Week
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Social Media Videos
Music Monday
Lily Stitches
NPC Cosplay

Throwback Thursday
Katsucon 18 – We Con, Therefore We Are

Feature Friday
Kalafina & Yuki Kajiura – Anime Boston 2009

Saturday Skit
10 Tips to Improve Your Cosplay Skit from Otakon 2007