3 Headlines That Happened Over The Week
1. Anime Expo expands to five days on 2017
2. Russian Figure Skater Meets Naoko Takeuchi After “Sailor Moon” Inspired Routine
3. The launch of Pokemon Go

Cosplay of the Week
“Rachneraarachnera‬” from Monster Musume‬ at Anime Expo
Cosplayer – Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Photo by Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

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Dealers Spotlight – RNDMS
Artist Spotlight – Call Me Mina!

Perception: America & Comics By Juan Martinez

Music Monday Cosplay Features
NPC Cosplay

Throwback Thursday
Jon I blowing up the mattress at AnimeNEXT 2010

Feature Friday
Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings

Saturday Skit
Pokemon skit with a sing-a-long from FanimeCon​ 2009