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3 Headlines That Happened
1. DragonCon is closely monitoring the various “religious rights” bills currently under consideration by the Georgia House of Representatives

2. 29 Days of Black Cosplay Is One of the Best Hashtags During Black History Month

3. Man strips down to Sailor Moon cosplay outfit to disrupt Donald Trump political rally

Cosplay of the Week
Angemon – Cosplayer Bryan
Angewomon – Jessica Cosplay
Photographer – Geeked Photography

Page Model of the Week

Dealers Spotlight – Tee Turtle
Artist Spotlight – Shirobon

Music Monday – Katsucon 2016 – APOLOGIZE
Throwback Thursday – Anime Boston 2011: Subversive Cartoons Panel
Feature Friday – Katsucon 2016
Feature Friday – This Way to the Egress
Saturday Skit – AnimeCentral 2007 – Villains Just Wanna Have Fun Cosplay Skit