It was my second year at the Santa Rosa Toy Con this time and I did not expect it to top last but boy was I wrong. As soon as I arrived to the convention hall itself I was greeted by a Boba Fett Cosplayer. Whether he was just a attendee or working with the con I don’t know but it was a great start! As I walked in I saw vendors as far as the eye could see. Last year I was caught off guard and didn’t have any spending money but this year I came prepared this time out and managed to get as much goodies as I could. I took a lap around the main hall and saw a bunch of items from the late 80’s early 90’s and immediately wanted to spend as much as I could, it was hard to hold back since it was nothing short of feeling like a kid in…well a toy store!

I decided to head outside after taking a lap and seeing a decent amount of booths. While I didn’t participate in the LARP-ing that was happening outside it was exciting to see people getting so into it and having a grand old time. I myself was hungry so I managed to get myself a burger at one of the food trucks parked right outside the building. Delicious I have to admit and a pretty good price too. I noticed not too many people were out in cosplay outside at this moment but considering the heat it made sense.

I decided to check out the game room for a bit where there were TVs set up with both recent and old school video game systems. Never in my life did I think I would ever play on a turbografix 16 but thanks to Toy Con I had a chance to, along with that there were Sega Saturn, what looked to be a Famicom, and Super Nintendo. On the other side was an Xbox 360 with Injustice Gods Among Us so you know I was there playing for a long time.

At this point I returned to the main hall where I saw cosplayers portaying: Spider-Man, Harley Quinn (both Classic and Suicide Squad) Deadpool, Pokemon and much more. I also started walking around and seeing the special guests the con had this year. Catherine Sutherland from Power Rangers, Nicki Rapp (a Santa Rosa Native) from Tell Tale Games Walking Dead Series, Vincent Ward from the Walking Dead TV Series, Veronica Taylor from Pokemon (voice of Ash no less), and the actor I personally met. Phil Lamarr who voices Green Lantern and Static Shock in numerous DC Animated series and films.

Now meeting Phil Lamarr was absolutely the highlight of the Con for me. Very nice guy I was able to fanboy for a bit telling him bow awesome it was to meet a member of the Justice League for the first time. He then actually said my name in John Stewarts voice and took a picture with me and gave me an autograph. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and thanks to Toy Con I was a happy Nerd.

At this point I was getting tired so I took one last lap around the convention and ended up buying a Sinestro and Joker statue (both for under $30 so that’s what I call a deal) and left a happy man.

I can’t stress this enough guys if you live in Sonoma County or near it. You need to do yourself a favor and come on down to the Santa Rosa Toy Con. This so my second year and I’m already planning on returning every year afterwards. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year on September 23rd 2017. Better not miss it.