I’m sure you’ve all see it before. Someone shares a photo of Joker and Harley Quinn with the text “OMG Relationship goals :D” and then think to yourself how that specific relationship would be nothing short of hell. So that got me thinking what WOULD be a good relationship goal in the fictional world. One that you can truly live with and be happy about?

One couple that immediately comes to mind is Gomez and Morticia Adams from “The Adams Family”. Sure they’re pretty crazy maybe could even give Joker and Harley a run for their money but theirs no denying their love for eachother is genuine. The way they never seem to be upset with one another. How they always support and trust eachother even when they pull incredibly dangerous stunts. In the film “Adam’s Family Value’s” they are about to have another child and in the scene right before the birth they’re spending time together in a graveyard telling eachother how much they love one another. Very romantic. Creepy and a tad disturbing out of context. But romantic none the less. 
Another couple that shows both the ups and downs of a relationship but just as much as goals. Is “Boy Meets World” Cory and Topanga Matthews. This is a couple that you followed literally through out their entire relationship. When they first met. First date, even ultimately to their marriage and family life with kids. This relationship was very rocky. They went through a lot of hardships (cheating, one of them moving away) and it was rough for fans. But they made it work. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it when it got to them saying their vows and realizing it is possible to find a way to make it work. 

There’s many other fictional couples out there that are way better people to look up to than Joker and Harley. Bob and Phyliss from the office. Chandler and Rachel from friends. Or if you don’t want to stray too far from Comic’s. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. Same series as Joker and Harley but without all the abuse and insanity. 

Or if possible make you own relationship into a goal people should strive for. There’s nothing people love more than being something to look up to.