What’s in a name?

Overwatch if you haven’t heard, is Blizzard’s attempt at the FPS genre, currently making a buzz on the Internet just by name of both game and company alone. On May 2nd the Overwatch closed beta was released for people who pre ordered the game from retailers, but will have a free open Beta today. I was lucky enough to get into closed beta myself and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the game so far.

We can be heroes

Overwatch is a 6V6 Team Based shooter and as a gamer who plays very little shooting games I feel like it’s a good first foray into the genre for those that haven’t had a chance to play a shooter before. The beta is incredible in how it allows you the play as all 21 characters that will be included in the full release, and let me tell you there’s definitely variety here. You can choose from the speedy Tracer who’s main gimmick is teleporting into and out of action and even reversing time to regain health, to the tanky D. Va who starts the match inside a mech and can either self destruct or escape from it when her health gets to long and sacrifices defense for speed as she goes off on her own. There’s also support character like Mercy who can heal you, give you a damage boost and even straight up revive you seconds after you died in battle, and a personal favorite Widowmaker who’s a sniper that can really make or break the match for you depending on skill level.

Game On

Of course while the characters themselves are interesting the main focus of the beta of course is game play and it doesn’t disappoint, being heavily inspired by Valve’s Team Fortress 2; Overwatch takes that formula and brings it up to 11, it’s an incredibly fast paced game with many blink and you’ll miss it moment and having a solid team is a total must if you plan on getting consecutive wins. The game modes on the beta are pretty basic with the most notable one being Payload where you must escort an object (usually a vehicle of some sort) to the other side of the map while the enemy team attempts to halt your process by any means necessary.

Gameplay itself is very easy to get into and learn. For example let’s talk about Tracer she has two abilities that can be activated by the L1 and R1 buttons(I play on PS4).L1 allows you to do some quick teleportation up to 3 times before a cool down, while the R1 button allows you to rewind time and even regain health if you use it immediately after taking damage. Then she has an ultimate move where she uses a sticky bomb, a favorite strategy of mine is teleporting in, planting a sticky bomb on an and opponent and getting out of there using the reverse time ability letting me stay safe and get a guaranteed kill.

I’m honestly really enjoying the Overwatch beta and I’m ready for the full release of the game on May 23’rd, I even have it pre ordered from Gamestop to be able to get the Winston mini figure that comes with the origins edition of the game. I recommend everyone who can to try to closed beta even if you aren’t a fan of shooters it’s charm and style will probably win over long time fans of the Disney and Pixar movies (which is what made me interested in the first place) while the team based action and gun play will be sure to satisfy that itchy trigger finger.